About Dani Skylar

Dani Skylar (they/she) is a female and gender-fluid emo/pop punk singer, songwriter, and storyteller from the home state of legendary bands such as My Chemical Romance. They grew up during the early 2000s in New Jersey, a place where an alternative underground scene was created and inspired, and its DIY-culture infused the minds and music of young people. Growing up, Dani Skylar was influenced by the lyrics of Taylor Swift and the melodies of All Time Low, and loved music that gave them a voice when feelings were hard to put into words. Dani Skylar wrote their first song at age 11, accidentally while writing in her diary after school. Soon after, they began learning how to play guitar and how to put music behind these melodies. Taping band posters of Green Day on their walls, Dani Skylar entered their first band at the age of 15. In high school, Dani’s dream of being an emo/pop punk solo artist solidified. Obsessed with songwriting and lyric writing, they auditioned to enroll as a songwriting major at the famous Berklee College of Music in 2015, entered in 2016, and graduated in 2020. They have spent thousands of hours honing their craft, and have written countless of untold stories in unreleased songs, which they have kept hidden away for quite some time, waiting to be heard by the world. Dani Skylar is ready to break into the scene with a string of new bangers and ballads lined up for release. From heartbreaks to victories, to mental health struggles to healing, Dani Skylar has walked through it all. She has earned the ability to write the songs that provide the wisdom and lessons that no one else could have said better. A overarching soundtrack for Gen Z’s Rawring 20’s, Dani Skylar has blended her authentic background in the genres of emo and pop punk with a feminine power and innocence, to create her own unique modern brand of girly pop punk that everyone can relate to and dream to.